Many women claim they don't look good in hats.  

My answer is that they haven't found the RIGHT hat for their unique looks and lifestyle.  

There is a hat shape and style for every woman.  What is absolutely necessary is the confidence to know

you look great without apology.  A strong, confident woman most certainly can wear a hat.  

A hat finishes your look like no other accessory can.

I am often asked , "Which side is front and which is back?"  

The answer is..."Whichever way you like it the best."

I put the label in what I think is the back. Since labels don't show, there is no

right or wrong direction.  Decide what YOU like and wear it that way.

Not everyone wants to wear an elaborate Kentucky Derby / Ascot hat.

Perhaps a little pillbox is more to your taste.  

In between are infinite possibilities.                                                                     Holiday Hats - H100         

I buy the very best feathers, flowers, and trims.  

My feathers are first grade from Australia and Canada.  

Many of my trims are Sari trims from India.

I buy new and Vintage hats.  

When I buy a Vintage hat, I re-block it and clean it meticulously 

until I am completely satisfied with the results.  You will be, too.


I usually have a half dozen hats in progress at one time.                                                                                                                                               

Sometimes I look at a hat for months waiting for it to                                           Pillbox Hats - P102

tell me what it wants to be. 

Eventually, I see what I can do with it.                                             


Occasionally, I start working on it, 'decide it's not what I want,                   and end up pulling everything off and starting  over.                     

I am definitely Type A and my hats have to be perfect.                                                                                                                           

I never cut corners.                                                                 

I never use glue.                                                                                                               Derby Hats  - SOLD 

I stitch every flower, feather, and trim by hand.                                                      Derby Hats -  D133   

                                                                                                                           Tea Hats - T112                                                                                      
When I create a hat, I'm creating something that

I hope will becomea family heirloom...  

that will look as good 30 years from now

as it does today.                                 



                                                                                                                           Holiday Hats - H104


                                  The "HAT LADIES" in my life.                







                                   Aloha...linda lee





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